Azzuro Heat Pump Water Heater - for your daily hot water needs

Heat Pump Water Heaters us energy from the outdoor air to heat water, which is stored in an insulated hot water tank.

Choosing your heat pump water heater is easy: choose from 2 sizes based on how many people live in your home. To get a quote, please contact us on 0800 AZZURO (0800 299876) or you can email

AND you can save up to 65% of your water heating costs.  Here's how...

You can also visit our Azzuro's heat pump water heater dedicated site here.

How a Heat Pump Water Heater works?

A refrigerator moves heat from inside the fridge to the outside - keeping the inside cold. A heat pump water heater uses the same principle in reverse. It transfers heat from outside air into a hot water tank.

The outside air gets heated up by energy from the sun all year round. So even when the sun is not shining brightly, or it is the middle of winter, there is still solar heat energy in the air that is available for use.

Heat pump systems only use electrical energy to 'move' the heat - they don't actually 'make' heat. This makes heat pump systems much more efficient than traditional electic or gas water heaters.

Heat Pump Water Heaters don't need direct sunlight

Heat pumps do not require direct sunlight in order to operate.  Using heat pump hot water systems, houses which may not have been suitable for rooftop solar hot water collectors can now get the benefit of free solar energy - and save $$$$ on power bills.

User friendly so suit different families

Azzuro Heat Pump Water Heater (HPWH) has a "real time contol" function that allows the water heater to operate during the day, thus taking advantage of the higher temperature and limits noise disruption.

The advanced automatic controls allows the Heat Pump Water Heater to operate under 3 settings - Economy (100% heat pump), Hybrid (a mixture of heat pump and electrical) and Electrical (100% electrical) - to meet different hot water demands.

Quality and performance you can trust

Azzuro Heat Pump Water Heaters is certified with AS/NZS2712:2007, and can produce hot water in all weather conditions, from -10C up to 40C, even at night.

Our Heat Pump Water Heater have a COP (Coefficient of Performance) of 325% - this means that for every unit of electrical energy you put in, you get over 3 units of heat energy back! The maximum an average electric hot water system can do is only 100%.

Installation is easy

The Azzuro Heat Pump Water Heater comes as an integral unit, ie. all-in-one, the heat pump mechanism and hot water cylinder unit come complete in a very elegant package.  The unit  can be installed anywhere, both indoors in the garage using a duct kit or outdoors, thus saving precious living space. The installation is the same as an electric hot water cylinder - simple, quick and safe, but with much better energy performance.

You can save heaps!!

Azzuro Heat Pump Water Heater can  save up to 65% water heating running cost and the initial investment can be paid off in around 3 years. The following table shows the possible saving for different families and their estimated payback.


* Estimation is based on a family of four, 40% power is used for heating water (data from EECA), power price not increasing, and independent authority's test result of Azzuro Heat Pump Water Heater.
** The payback is based on Azzuro Heat Pump Water Heater installation price being $2000 more expensive than installing electrical or gas instantaneous water heater.

Warranty assured

Azzuro Heat Pump Water Heaters come with a standard 3 years warranty. This warranty can be extended to 5 years, with a small charge of $250 + GST, at the condition that the system must have a service check every two years.


* Azzuro Sunset 190L for 1 -3 people

* Azzuro Sunset 300L for 3 - 6 people


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